Rates can be customized according to your needs

The prices indicated below are for a minimum quantity of 30 photos

Formula adapted to e-commerce

/ Per photo
Let’s go !
Rigid object without reflection
Elegant lighting
White background
Simple retouching
72 dpi resolution

Most popular formula

/ Per photo
Let’s go !
Object without reflection
Elegant lighting
Black or white background
Cleaning / dusting
Simple retouching
300 dpi resolution

Formula meets your requirements

/ Per photo
Let’s go !
Object with or without reflection
meticulous lighting
white, black or colored background
Cleaning / dusting
Advanced retouching
300 dpi resolution
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1• Photo retouching

This includes basic retouching such as removing dust, scratches and minor imperfections.

2• Digital Marketing Photos

Although we understand the requirements for images designed for e-commerce and digital marketing, we deliver ready-to-upload photos suitable for all recognized marketplaces, instagram, facebook...

3• White background

The photo is taken on a white background that corresponds to the main platforms of e-commerce. And without additional costs.

4• JPEG 300dpi

The photos are taken with a professional camera and high quality. To offer you high resolution and printable photos.


Watches and jewelry

If your product to be photographed is of this type, the price will be estimated according to a set of criteria that we take into account!

Products measuring more than 40 cm

If your product is of this size, the price will be on estimate.

The clipping of the photos.

If you want to have your photos cropped, it will cost you an extra 30 dhs per image.

A photo of the assembled products

If you want a photo of this type, it will be necessary to count the price of each product separately, because the assembly of all the products can cause shadows or unwanted reflections that can affect the quality of the image. The shots are taken separately for each product and we assemble them only in post-production.

Prices vary according to :

  • the specifications
  • the type of product
  • the complexity of the product
  • your visual charter
  • the preparation to be done on the product
  • the quantity of products
  • the number of views
  • the expected level of rendering
  • the level of retouching (simple or complex)
  • their destination (web / print)


  • The customer bears the cost of arrival and return of the products. For remote photo shooting.
  • The price of the Packshot/product is subject to VAT.
  • The prices shown are for a quantity between 30 and 49 photos
  • Between 50 and 99 photos, will cost you the price of the main image – 5%.
  • Between 100 and more, it will cost you the price of the main image – 10%.
  • EBetween 10 and 29 photos, it will cost you the price of the main image + 5%.
  • Between 1 and 9 photos, it will cost you the price of the main image + 10
  • If you are not satisfied with an image with technical defects, you will not pay anything for it… But this has never happened before!