Why hire a packshot photographer ?


Calling on a professional packshot photographer :the key to the success of your visual communication visuelle

Your eye perceives, appreciates, analyzes and allows your brain to build a visual memory of the elements it likes or dislikes.

In communication, visuals are of the utmost importance and are the key factor in the success of all your media.

The needs are diverse and vary according to the companies or individuals who consult packshot photographers, but the goal is the same : to sublimate your communication.

Shooting a product often requires the services of a professional packshot photographer. In addition to the quality of the shots, the photographer knows how to manage light and shine in order to enhance your products. In addition, you will benefit from HD photos that you can use on ever larger media.

A photographer specialized in product packshot guarantees you a quality photo and a real professionalism.

A packshot photographer has extensive knowledge and technical skills that allow him to master all the pitfalls of product photography : poor lighting, shadow problems, contrast, crushing of relief, dull colors, etc.

• Develop your communication

Communication goes through the image, and taking care of your visual communication goes first of all through taking care of your own image and then taking care of the image of everything related to your brand and what you want it to give off

It can be done through the Internet, social networks,the press, trade shows.

So the products presented must be up to the expectations of the Internet user. Quality photos, frequently replaced, stick to the incessant dynamics of social networks. It is always necessary to propose something new and beautiful

• – Increase product visibility

Search engines use small robots called “bots” that track the relevance of the texts and photos of the different sites and the quantity of visuals inserted to answer the questions of Internet users.

This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or natural referencing. In other words, the more precise and quality visuals of a product you show thanks to a packshot photographer, the more likely your site will be on the first page of search engines !

• Product atmosphere

The packshot photographer will know how to enhance your products thanks to his mastery of light and shine. He or she can also take atmospheric shots to arouse the consumer’s interest. He will be able to create an appropriate setting, for example, food products in a kitchen, beach items placed on the sand, facing the sea, etc., which will allow the consumer to project himself.

• Highlighting the product

The prospect and the customer are demanding. They want to know everything about the product and observe all its characteristics as if it were in front of them. It is therefore necessary to deploy all the technical means at your disposal to enhance the product, which will help meet their expectations and trigger the act of buying.

The packshot photographer uses zooms, 2D visuals and 360 degree images. They also have the expertise and know-how to be a necessary partner in your marketing communications.

If your product photos are dark, poorly framed or out of focus, they will be quickly removed from the site. Product photography allows the Internet user to know if the product meets his needs, if it is reliable, if the value matches the price.

• Increase credibility

The quality and the care given to the pictures will transfer to the idea of quality and know-how of the brand or establishment.

Quality pack shots will represent the image of the brand or the establishment.

These photos will promote a first contact for the customer, it must be excellent ! They can be distributed in digital mode, on your website, social networks or on professional websites

Presenting a photo on a website that does not give a good image of the product will damage the credibility of the seller. Doubts will be created. The Internet user wonders if he is not going to be “tricked”.

• Increase your sales

When looking for a product on the Internet, the photo is the first element that will catch the eye. Why is this? Because the eye is able to identify a visual much faster than a text.

If, on the contrary, he has in front of him a clear description and several quality photos to show the product from a maximum of angles, there seems to be no ambiguity. The Internet user is reassured, he decides to buy. Focus on aesthetically pleasing photos that answer the different questions that the user has with a visual.

Quality packshot photos reassure and create a bond of trust sufficient to buy. They will also attract new customers and increase traffic on your website or social networks.

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