10 best sites to find royalty-free images

10 best sites to find royalty-free images for your website and social networks

Royalty-free images are essential to illustrate your blog posts, your content on social networks … because an image is worth 1000 words.

As you know the strength of the image lies in its speed of reading and understanding and the most important thing is to have a coherence in the images. It is also important to pay attention to the variety so as not to always have the same illustrations and thus stand out from the crowd.

And in terms of choice, you have what you need! Several image banks offer a multitude of royalty-free images ready to be downloaded!

That’s why we’ve listed 10 free and royalty-free image banks for you.

1. Pixabay :

This is one of the most famous sites for royalty-free images. It offers more than one million images, which makes it one of the biggest royalty-free image sites.You can choose from more than a million high quality pictures on various subjects.

The images can be used for personal or commercial use (sometimes it is indicated on the images what you cannot do).

The site is in French : https://pixabay.com/fr/

2. Unsplash :

This image bank contains only high-resolution photos but which have the advantage of being free of charge in addition to being free of rights (for
commercial use or not).

This site comes from Canada and is differentiated by very high quality photos posted by a community of photographers.

It is possible to sort by theme (collections), to follow photographers, and even to propose your own photos https://unsplash.com

3. Burst :

Burst is an image bank that offers free highresolution photos.

Being a sub-domain of Shopify, Burst is mostly popular with e-tailers and online sellers.

If you are into outdoor activities, nature… Burst’s library offers a large choice of regularly filtered and updated photos.


4. Pexels :

Founded in 2014, Pexels offers hundreds of thousands of free and royalty-free photos and videos. Searching is made easy by categorizing the visuals.

The site is also known for organizing contests for the best photos to compose its library, a way to get quality images but also to have unique shots.


5. Stocksnap :

Stocksnap is the free image bank that allows you to directly obtain the most popular and sought-after shots.

This site offers several ways to search but the search is also done by keywords as for the other sites mentioned. You can then sort by relevance, date, download or number of views.

To get all its options and benefit from all its advantages, you just have to create an account and that’s it.


6. Motosha :

Motosha, which means “Moments to share”, is a site that allows you to share the best shots.

This site is used mostly by digital professionals, Motosha is a popular source for those looking for royalty-free photos.

All the photos have been taken by professionals and then carefully selected before being integrated on the site.


7. Freeimages :

With Freeimages, enjoy a unique experience with an optimized search system.

It will be necessary to create an account to be able to download the image that you like among the 390 000 photos available on this site.

Classified and linked by keywords, you can refine your search by date of download, image orientation, resolution, camera brand (and even model !) or color.


8. Shutterstock

Shutterstock offers images but not only ! Music, illustrations, vector images, videos, photos, 3D models and editorial content are all available

Each type of content is divided into categories to help you narrow your search. All the content (over 370 million) is free of rights.

After creating your account and paying a prepaid fee, you can use your content.


9. Gratis O Graphy :

Gratis O Graphy is a site that was set up by New York photographer Ryan McGuire.

This site offers unusual and original images, if you like to share good humor … the pictures of Gratis O Graphy are made for you.

The particularity of this site is that all the pictures that are updated every week were taken by the photographer himself


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