1/ I am interested in doing my packshot with you, what is your procedure?

  • Step 1 : Drawing up a quote.
    We know that your time is precious, so upon receipt of your packshot request, you will receive a quote within 24 hours.

  • Step 2 : Acceptance of the estimate.
    You like the estimate and it fits your needs: you will sign it and mention “I agree” with the deposit and return it.

  • Step 3: Receiving your products.
    Either you prefer that your products are received by courier or by hand, we have no worries, it is up to you.

  • Step 4: Preparation of the rendering.
    In this step, we will establish your specifications if you have a clear and precise idea. However, if you don’t have a definite idea yet, we are at your side to help you study all the possibilities that will allow us together to enhance your products.

  • Step 5: The shooting.
    Preparing the studio, setting the lighting and creating the necessary atmosphere, your products are ready to be photographed under the lights of the projectors and in the hands of the PRO photographers.

  • Step 6 The retouching of the image
    The realization of the necessary retouches and to make a Makeup to the photo to improve its quality, in order to differentiate itself from the others!

  • Step 7: Sending the files.
    The images are approved by you, it’s time to receive them via (email; CD or WeTransfer) with a high resolution and ready to use in different forms.

  • Return the product and pay the balance.
    Also, your product returns can be done by courier or by hand, always according to your preference !
    All you have to do is pay the invoice and use your photos as you wish !

3/ Can I attend the shooting session?

Some clients ask to be present during the shooting of the products, but this requires more organization and takes more time, so we prefer that the clients do not attend the shooting but they will receive a brief prepared beforehand with all the views. Trust our team.

5/ Who will take care of the product photography?

Our team of professional photographers will take care of the realization of your packshots, from the first contact to the delivery of the photos.

7/ Are touch-ups included in the price?

It just depends on the package you choose, but we do our best to take pictures with professional results and ready to use.
Please note that minimal retouching (dusting, small imperfections, contrast, brightness, etc.) is applied to each photo.
Contrary to popular belief, each product, new or used, often requires special attention before being photographed. A cleaning beforehand is usually done to avoid any dust or fingerprints, thus optimizing the photo retouching.
So the photo will be retouched according to the chosen formula, but if you want to do more retouching or on specific points the price will change.

9/ How can we contact you?

If you like our service, you will click on the “Contact” tab and fill in a form with your request for the shooting of your product. You will find all our contact information in the contact page (mail and phone number).

11/ How will you deliver the photos of our packshot?

Once the packshot is made you will receive the photos ready to use as you wish via (…), you will just have to click on the link to download the photos.

13/ How will you get paid?

For payment, you will send us a 30% deposit after receiving the validated quote. The remaining balance will be paid upon delivery of the files.

15/ What materials do you use?

In order to realize quality packshot photos in photo studio, we have a Nikon D800 full format camera of 36 Mpx accompanied by several lenses (nikon, sigma…). This allows a greater flexibility in the framing and the final rendering desired by the customer.
Concerning the photo studio, we use the ELINCHROM range with flashes and various accessories in order to obtain a homogeneous and neat light. Finally, for the photo retouching, we work with Lightroom and Photoshop for the packshot.

2/ In which city are you located?

We are located in Casablanca and more precisely in Prima office, Angle Boulevard 11 Janvier and Rue Mustapha El Maani, Centre Ville Casablanca, we seek to establish a favorable relationship with our customers in order to provide them with the photos they need.

4/ How much does it cost to shoot the products?

We invite you to consult the “Rates” tab for more information. This will allow you to see in detail the prices of the packaged shots from the “e-commerce” formula, ideal for e-commerce sites or small budgets. The prices of the packages have also dropped by a certain amount. However, if your requirements are specific, we invite you to contact us directly for a free quote within 24 hours.

6/ How long do you need to shoot the packshots?

It depends on several criteria, the number of products you want to photograph, their nature and characteristics, and the retouching. However, if you want a exact deadline, we thank you to inform us from the beginning to adapt to your request and respect the defined deadline.

8/ Do you take care of the editing of the photos ?

Our team is a cocktail of experts, it consists of photographers, graphic designers, designers … etc.. We will have the pleasure to edit your photos with a reasonable price.

10/ We are far away but we like to work with you, how is it going?

If you like to work with us, we ask you to send us a detailed brief (with rendering photo if possible), and to deliver your products. Then, you will receive the pictures via (…). Please note that the delivery costs will be charged to the customer

12/ What is the format of the photos?

Regarding the format of the photos, they are realized in very high definition (300 dpi except for the e-commerce formula which will be in 72 dpi) under the JPG format.
After each session, the best visuals are meticulously sorted and retouched to deliver a perfect result.

14/ How do you deliver the products?

Most of our customers send their products to our studio located at (….), so your products can be hand delivered if you are in Casablanca and the surrounding area.
For the return of the products, they will be delivered with the delivery person you choose.

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