How to prepare the product for jewelry photography ?

Jewelry photography is one of the most difficult branches of product photography. We are here to guide you on a safe path in jewelry photography.

First of all, there are 2 ways to photograph jewelry: automated photography and traditional photography.

The traditional way of photographing jewelry is to set up a traditional studio setup, and then set up the session to engage in extensive post-production to get maximum product sharpness and a pure white background.

As for the automated approach, it involves a predefined photo studio with a streamlined shootand-publish workflow.

The leading manufacturers’ cameras offer templatebased lighting and a turntable. This comes with control software, which offers all the basics of postproduction.

One of the most important features of jewelry photography is the visibility of all the defects of the product when photographed at close range.

All the little scratches, fingerprints and dust become important in the final photographs.

There are ways to avoid these flaws used in the proper preparation of the product before the shoot.

Follow these simple tips to get the cleanest product possible :

  • Use cotton gloves when handling jewelry:

Handling gloves for jewelers and watchmakers are a must as soon as you become a professional.

Indeed, they will allow you to handle your jewels as well as your displays without leaving unsightly fingerprints.

Whether it’s to place your rings, necklaces and bracelets in their case, your earrings on their display stand or to take pictures of your creations, these white anti-trace gloves will prevent you from having to constantly clean your jewelry

  •  Use cleaning fluids recommended in the product specifications.

The slightest fingerprint will be visible if you have not prepared them beforehand. The same goes for handling during the shooting. The objective is to give
them a maximum of brilliance with the shot and save time during and after the photo shoot.

Some gemstones, like emerald, are very sensitive. Emerald has inclusions that make it sensitive to shocks and temperature variations. Therefore, use dishwashing liquid, sweet almond oil or soap. Immerse the jewelry in room temperature water for a few hours, then gently rub the natural stone with a soft cloth. Finally, let it dry in the open air.

Feel free to apply a final cleaning with a microfiber towel and then dust the item with compressed air using a bulb/air can or a small compressor.

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