How much does a product photo/packshot cost ?

Professional and quality photos from 80 Dhs, sounds interesting ?

The Packshot represents the object in all fidelity and enhances it by highlighting its aesthetic features. Although it may look simple, this type of photography is a complex process that requires technical knowledge in terms of materials, lighting and post-production.

If you have created your e-commerce site or a revolutionary product that you want to sell and you are surely wondering how much a product photo costs to distinguish and enhance it, you are in the right place ! Our packshot studio in Casablanca guarantees you professional and quality photos that will allow you to promote your products on various traditional and digital communication media.

To help you understand the prices of packshot photos, I invite you to consider the following points that influence the prices applicable to your projects :

• – Experience and competence :

First and foremost, you should know that you should always choose a product photographer who is solely specialized in packshot photography.

Another important piece of information that you should know is that there is no regulated and fixed price list (nevertheless, the market trend is around 900 to 1200 Dhs/hr but it varies according to many criteria that will be mentioned later).

A professional photographer who has been practicing for a significant number of years will propose higher rates than a junior profile who still needs to build a solid portfolio or a “multi-task” photographer who may not have the experience and hindsight necessary for packshot photography so he/she pulls the prices down and generally does not provide quality photos (poorly managed lighting, approximate clipping,

Some professional photographers are specialized in specific subjects and are real experts. Their photo rate will be higher but the result will be extremely qualitative. So ask yourself this question : what level of quality do I expect for my project ?

We know you are asking yourself another question : Yes, but at what price ? We’ll get to that!

• The size of the object and the media to be used:

Indeed, reflections and transparency are real challenges for a packshot photographer. In this case, the photographer will have more work to do in the positioning of the light but also in the photo retouching to be done to erase the unsightly reflections caused by the reflection of it. This shows that the rates depend on the difficulty to obtain the best rendering according to the type of material it presents.

In order to answer precisely this question “What is the price of a professional photographer?” the client must be able to communicate the use that will be made of the photos (is it for private use or commercial purpose, for the promotion of a product or service, or for an editorial or artistic purpose), but also on which media the photos will be used: Social networks, website, magazine, etc.

Your packshot photographer will have his or her own price list and don’t forget that the mention of the Transfer of Usage Rights should appear on the quote and the invoice, and in order to be within the legal framework, they must mention a given territory, a duration and the media included.

• The quantity and the number of product to photograph :

In the classic formula the product photo starts from 120Dhs, this rate is applicable if you have a minimum of 200 photos of course but if you have only two or three photos to photograph and you still want the Classic formula, the price will then be higher than 120Dhs. The same goes for the other packshot photo packages displayed on the website. You should also know that when you receive your products, we usually take one or two “test” photos so that you can validate the photo.

This way, you will be able to see the rendering from the beginning and adjust it if necessary before we take the rest of the photos, unlike some photographers who do not offer this service.

Now that you have a good understanding of the elements that influence the overall price of a photo packshot, we suggest you discover in more detail the elements that will vary the price of each type of photo!

Culinary photography:

Photos that you taste because it is well known that we eat with our eyes!

The price of a culinary photo packshot can vary depending on the expected quality and quantity. Do you want to photograph your dishes, your gourmet reations or even your ingredients for your advertising campaign ? Or you want to create your professional blog or highlight your social networks ?

A culinary photographer will take into account several elements to give you a culinary shooting price :

Should the shooting take place in a studio (more expensive solution) or at home in natural light (more affordable solution)

Is there a combination of dishes to photograph ? How many photos per dish are needed ? What is the expected level of retouching ? Advertising ? Web ?

Do you need your photos cropped for display on a white background ? Textile photography :

The reality of style and form ! Quality photos of your clothing are your best bet to reach your goal faster and easier!

A great textile photographer will capture the best shots of your clothes, and help present and promote them in your store or online store.

Generally speaking, the price of a textile photo packshot will vary depending on the number of photos to be taken and the number of garments.

The work required will also vary your price : the clothes can be laid flat or on an invisible mannequin to create a 3D effect as if they were being worn. You can combine all styles to meet the expectations of Internet users and allow them to have a precise idea of the outfit, whether in its details or its rendering.

Jewelry Photography :

The shooting of jewels is a meticulous work and our teams show a great professionalism, to realize high quality pictures.

We offer you personalized and stylish packshot realizations with a beautiful visual of your jewelry.

Here are some elements that may also lead to an additional cost of the service : Number of retouched photos requested.

Specific retouching : type of lighting configuration, the best camera settings for jewelry, reflections on jewelry photos, scratches on jewelry.

Rights of use.

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