We design visuals that sell your products.

We are Packshot.ma, your culinary and advertising photography studio, a subsidiary of the communication agency ZONIDRA.
Our creative studio meets all your needs in photography and art direction, with a team that advises you from A to Z in the development of your digital and traditional visual projects.

You know that at this time, when the world cares more and more about its image, the Packshots are essential to the structure of your e-commerce site,
commercial brochure or simply product catalog. It is crucial to enhance your product with quality visuals whose main purpose is to present the product well.

photographie de produit publicitaire à Casablanca Maroc

The main ambition of Packshot.ma?

Enhance your brand image by creating aesthetic content that looks like you, and sets you apart from others.
materiel de photographie utilises par Packshot® notre Studio de Photographie de produit à Casablanca

Digital or classic?

Whatever your field of activity, fashion, gastronomy or online sales, our photo agency puts all its creativity, its expertise and its unique look to go along with you in your project, and all your digital or traditional channels.

Qualitative, simple and tailor-made

We put our know-how at your service for all your needs, from standard to specific : print, website, advertising...

So that your images do not weigh down your site, they are resized and optimized for cross-platform accounting.

Premium quality

Because we bring more care and perfection to your images, you are guaranteed the best result for your visuals.

Our skills

We take part in various sectors of activity : Culinary photography, Textile photography, Product packshot, Jewellery packshot...)

Culinary photography

Photos that you taste

Do you want to photograph your dishes, your gourmet creations or even your ingredients ? Would you like to create your professional blog or promote your social networks ? Our packshot.ma studio will meet your expectations by taking superb photos. As our professional photographers have extensive experience in this field, they know what is at stake.
For gourmet shots, our photo studio has always appreciated culinary photography.

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Product Photography

Materials, shape, and details at their best

More than ever, in the era of digital communication, the image has become essential for any commercial activity. And there are many reasons why we should have beautiful photos.
Our studio guarantees you professional and quality photos, which will allow you to promote your cosmetic products, fashion accessories or any type of product on the various traditional and digital communication media. and to highlight its forms, colors and materials.

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Textile photography

The reality of style and form

Each communication medium has its own codes that are mastered by our photo studio in Casablanca. And as we capture the best shots of your clothes, we contribute to their presentation and promotion in your point of sale or your online store.
The garment can be laid flat or on an invisible mannequin to create a 3D effect as if it were worn. you combine all styles to meet the expectations of Internet users and allow them to have a clear idea of the outfit, whether in its details or its rendering.

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Jewelry Photography

Packshot Jewelry

The shooting of jewelry is a meticulous work, and our team shows great professionalism, to achieve high quality shots, and to bring out the details of the materials of your jewelry, packshote.ma your jewelry photographer in Casablanca, designs versatile visuals. and gives simple shots or 360 ° photos.
We take into account your expectations in order to offer you personalized and stylish realizations. Then call on our services to design beautiful visuals of your jewelry.

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