We are a studio specialized in product photography based in Casablanca!

As a project owners, you are looking to capture the attention of your potential customers, and for that you need to highlight your products, and how you can do that ? It is through a shooting session of your products or objects.
PackShot is a studio equipped with modern materials of high quality, and specialized in the photography of products and objects (food products, jewelry, clothing … etc.).

You know that at this time when the world cares more and more about its image, the photographs of objects and products called Packshots are essential to the structure of all your virtual window on website, commercial brochure or simply product catalog. It is crucial to enhance your product with quality visuals whose main purpose is to present the product well.


We guarantee a high quality visualization of your products.


We create visuals suitable for e-commerce and print.


Our pricing policy is simple and transparent, with no surprises.


Just send us your products and we'll take care of the rest.


We have extensive experience in packshot and advertising photography.


We take action on all Moroccan’s territory, not only in Casablanca.

Our process

Interested in knowing our work process?
Here are the main steps for the realization of the packshots:
  • 1.


    After having had an exchange by email or phone on your project, your objectives and your desires, we establish you an estimate adapted to your request. The more details we have, the better !

  • 2.


    Once the estimate is accepted, we work with you around your brand, its colors, its history and your visual references, in order to better frame the project and propose the right solutions.

  • 3.


    After the reception of your products and a meticulous cleaning, your products are now under our projectors and in the hands of professionals, a few small adjustments, and here it is, Clic Clac !!

  • 4.


    Now, your photos are at the production station to make the necessary treatments. After some retouching : cropping, dusting, clipping... Mission accomplished with success.

  • 5.


    After validation of the photos by your care, the restitution of your products can be done in the way which is convenient for you, and your photos will be delivered to you in high resolution and ready to use.

Your products will be well photographed thanks to our photography experts

Entrust this mission to our professional team, you will guarantee better results, high quality and ready to use packshots, whether it is for an e-commerce website, luxury products or crafts, our service will be adapted to your products and budgets, and the result will be the same.

Are you interested in entrusting us with a project?

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