5 photography schools in Casablanca

You love photography ? and you want to turn your passion for photography into a real professional project ?

To become a real photographer you need to know the specificities of the profession which will allow you to stand out and to have a minimum of artistic talent to get contracts. But how to do it ?

The training of photographer is a base not to be neglected ! Even if it is possible to learn on your own, joining a photography school in Casablanca can be a starting point !

Photography is one of the sectors that attracts many Moroccan students. It is a field that requires a lot of creativity and originality.

How to choose a school ? Which one is the best to become a good photographer?

We have conducted the survey and reveal the 5 best photography schools in Casablanca !

1. Photo Academy :

Photo Academy is the first center dedicated to photographic training in Morocco.

Photo Academy is an establishment that provides photography enthusiasts with a space driven by the thirst to learn, the desire to share and the pleasure of photography … And this by ensuring :

  • Theoretical courses covering all aspects of photography,
  • Directed workshops: photo outings in Casablanca & Rabat to practice in group with the trainer the concepts studied in class.
  • Free practical work : photo exercises to practice individually the concepts studied in class.

All of this is accompanied by an individual followup and personalized advice from the trainers.

Thus, at the end of our trainings, the participants will have a perceptive artistic mind, a sharp eye for good shots and a set of photographic techniques allowing them to go from the amateur photographer to the professional artist photographer.

Please note that the basic training is organized in two-month sessions (8 weeks) and costs 2500 Dhs per month, or 5000 Dhs.

2. ENSAD Casablanca :

The National Superior School of Art and Design of Casablanca (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Casablanca /ENSAD Casablanca) is a public school of higher education with regulated access attached to the University Hassan II of Casablanca. The first of its kind in Morocco, ENSAD Casablanca’s main mission is to train high-level executives in the arts, design and multimedia.

Access to ENSAD Casablanca is open on the basis of a written and oral competition (after a first phase of pre-selection) to students enrolled in the last year of the Bac or to holders of the Bac, all options included.

Its fields of study :

  • Graphic and Digital Design
  • Photography
  • Film and Audiovisual Professions
  • The duration of study is 2 years (4 semesters, from S1 to S4).

3. The Studio M school :

The school Studio M in Casablanca was founded in 2006 by international professionals. It offers training in the arts and audiovisual professions: design, computer graphics, graphic design, photography…

The major objective of the school Studio M is to meet the demand of companies by training its students in various fields in high demand in the labor market.

Its fields of study :

  • Photography
  • 3D animation
  • Interior design & decoration
  • Multimedia : web, html 5, CMS
  • Computer graphics
  • Fashion design and model making
  • Sound
  • Editing
  • Mixing and sound recording
  • Audiovisual & Film
  • Duration of studies : 9 months, 2 years, 3 years

4. Educatel Casablanca : :

Educatel is subject to the control of the National Education in France. Educatel offers more than 100 complete training courses and 4000 course modules to meet the qualification needs of youth and adults.

Educatel offers different distance learning courses in various sectors. This allows everyone to follow the training of their choice wherever they are and at the time that suits them best.

Its courses of study :

  • Photography
  • Commerce
  • Tourism
  • Fashion and aesthetics
  • Electronics
  • Office automation
  • Computer Science
  • The duration of study is 2 years

5. Art’Com Sup :

Art’Com Sup is a state-accredited private higher education institution of Design offering degree and certification training for students and professionals in the field, founded in 1988 in Casablanca and 1996 in Rabat.

Leader on the market, the school trains interior architects, furniture designers, interior designers, virtual reality designers, graphic designers, motion designers, web designers, UX UI designers and digital illustrators.

Art’Com Sup is the only school in Morocco to be part of the Cumulus network, which includes more than 200 design schools worldwide.

A network of more than 1200 Art’Com Sup graduates allowing for a 90% insertion right after graduation


Bachelor’s degree : BAC+4 / Interior Architecture, Graphic and Digital Design. Master’s degree : BAC+5 / Interior Architecture, Graphic and Digital Design. Professional Degree : BAC+3 / Interior Design, Visual Communication.

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